Donations & Fundraising – Did You Know?

Does your company match your community support donations?  Does your company have a program allowing you to donate funds to non-profit organizations like ours based on your volunteer efforts?

In 2021-22, WAC received over $10,000 from the volunteer efforts or donations from various club parents.  John Deere, Principal, Wellmark & Wells Fargo are our biggest supporters so far.  If you work for one of these companies, please be sure to look into their programs.  Others should check with their employer to see if they have similar programs available.  If your company donates through “Benevity”, our renewal was recently processed & you should now be able to donate through that program.

These additional funds allows WAC to keep your out-of-pocket fees as low as possible, even as our expenses continue to increase.

For more information, feel free to reach out to your Treasurer, Brian Schueller.