How does my daughter get placed on a team? 

Registration & evaluations are typically held at the end of June prior to the start of the Fall softball season. Girls are placed on a team that plays together in the fall through the spring seasons.
It is a one year commitment to a team. 

See current year registration information.


When does the FALL WAC softball season begin and end?

Fall softball season starts with practices in August & tournaments in late August through late October.


When does the SPRING and SUMMER WAC softball season begin and end?

Spring and summer softball season begins in March and ends in early July.  There are various indoor tournament opportunities that begin in January/February also.


How are the age levels determined for each age division?

  • 8U: Girls must be 8 or under by end of calendar year
  • 9U:  Girls must be 9 or under by end of calendar year
  • 10U:  Girls must be 10 or under by end of calendar year
  • 11U:  Girls must be 11 or under by end of calendar year
  • 12U:  Girls must be 12 or under by end of calendar year
  • 13U:  Girls must be 13 or under by end of calendar year
  • 14U/16U:  Girls should be 13 or older by end of current year


What are the eligibility requirements to play for the WAC softball teams?

Participation in the WAC is open to all girls aged 7 and older living in and attending school in the Waukee Community School District. Currently, there are programs for 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U and 14U and older based on USSSA age regulations.


Why is the evaluation process important?

  • Evaluations ensure players with similar skills are on the same team so that all players are motivated and pushed to excel to new heights which are appropriate and feasible for their current ability
  • Annual reassessment ensures players who develop later get the same opportunity as players who develop earlier
  • All skills are equally weighted
  • Measures key fundamental aspects of the game (running, hitting, throwing)
  • Independent evaluators (each station has a different evaluator – which makes it an even more fair process because one person or one station does not determine a players final evaluation score.
  • Player focused – talent is measured objectively for both new members and current members


What skill sets are measured during the tryout process?

  • Arm strength (throwing speed)
  • Running speed
  • Hitting power / Bat speed
  • Hitting mechanics
  • Fielding mechanics
  • Fielding transition speed
  • Pitchers / catches are also evaluated individually:
    • Pitchers – speed, fundamentals, accuracy, and effectiveness of secondary pitches
    • Catchers – fundamentals, transitions, pop time (time it takes to catch a pitch and get a throw down to second)


How are teams formed after evaluations?

  • Team Formation Process (8U, 10U, and 12U) – For current members team formation is a combination of independent evaluations and prior year coach evaluations.
  • For new members the evaluation score is the only metric used.  Based on this information the board members meet several times during a 1 – 2 week period to analyze all data and determine which team is best suited for each player.


How do I sign up to coach a team?

Coaches are assigned during the team formation process. If you would like to be considered as a coach for your daughter’s team please complete and submit the following Softball Coach Volunteer Form.


What is USSSA and team classifications?

USSSA is the governing body that sanctions teams and tournaments for our club. Parents should check out USSSA.com to view rosters, tournament schedules etc. The Iowa division of USSSA can be viewed at iowausssafastpitch.com. USSSA sets team classifications and age groups to ensure competitive teams with like abilities in the same division.