Message from the President-Facility Cleaning

The Warrior Athletic Club organization is run on volunteer power. Coaches, age directors and board members are all parent volunteers who contribute countless hours and sweat equity to delivering the best softball program Waukee can offer.

The board has received a few questions about the decision to require teams to participate in keeping our hitting facility clean. First, a few of our goals as we considered this decision:

  • Was to foster a sense of responsibility for maintaining the facility amongst the players who use it.
  • To be cost conscious with the organization’s budget.
  • Be consistent with our Core Mission that encourages participation, excellence, sportsmanship, pride and fun with the assistance and cooperation of the parents, high school softball program and community.

If you are newer to the organization, you may not be aware this requirement is not a new concept-it was an expectation in past seasons. Most recently, the organization had a voluntary cleaning crew from a local non-profit organization/work training program that opted to discontinue their service last year. Since summer 2017 board members and Coach Carrie have routinely cleaned the building and will continue to provide supplemental cleaning as needed. With the winter practice schedule kicking off and teams at the facility with more regularity, we need everyone’s help keeping the facility clean.

As outlined in the original announcement, teams who do not clean will lose tournament funds. Elite Teams will lose access to the facility, if they opt to not participate.

As an alternative to losing funds or access to the facility, teams may choose to pay for cleaning. The board has secured a service that will cost $160 for three cleaning sessions. The fee must be paid entirely by the team.  Teams who wish to use this option must notify the Board President via email and provide a check (cash is not acceptable) for the full fee made out to WAC Softball by Jan.31.

We will open up any cleaning dates that teams forfeit to team(s) who wish to claim those dates (in addition to their already assigned dates) for an increase in their team tournament budget.  For any “unclaimed” cleaning dates we will engage the cleaning company.

A few additional quick notes:
  • Teams may clean on an alternate day for an assigned week to avoid conflicts with Sundays. However they’ll need to keep in mind facility usage schedules and avoid cleaning when the facility is rented or being used for practices. They should refer to these links:
  • Cleaning supplies are available at the facility in the cabinets in the restroom and there are two push brooms. If a team notices supplies are running low please sent a message to WAC Softball or post in the WAC Parent Facebook Group 
  • It takes one adult about 45-60 minutes to clean the facility by themselves. Many hands make light work, so if several families assist, the clean-up can take teams just 20-30 minutes.
  • We encourage players and families to organize their team’s resources for this effort.

We appreciate everyone’s willingness to roll up your sleeves to help support your players, teams and organization.

WAC Board