Message for Parents

Thank you for your interest in the Warrior Athletic Club (WAC) Softball program. Before deciding to participate, we want to make you aware of some of the rules and guidelines we have in place to ensure a rewarding and successful experience for players, parents and coaches.

Within the limits of a volunteer organization, WAC Softball strives to make the tryout process as impartial as possible. Girls will be placed on teams primarily based on their prior tournament play and commitment to a competitive softball experience as well as their try-out results.


To be eligible to participate on one of the competitive tournament teams you must live within the Waukee School District.


Players must pre-register to attend the tryouts and pay a $25 non-refundable deposit. The deposit will be deducted from the Fall session installment if the player is offered and accepts placement on a team.

Attendance is required at tryouts to be placed on a team. Illness, injury or extraordinary personal circumstances may cause players to request an exemption from tryouts. Requests must be made prior to the start of tryouts unless an illness or injury occurs during tryouts. If you are not able to attend tryouts on your assigned date, please send a note indicating the need An alternate date will be provided if possible.

Combine Try Out & 2020-2021 Team Formation Process

WAC Elite eligible – Teams will be formed by the Elite Coaches and Board following a combine practice. Players will participate in typical practice drills that include throwing, hitting, running, catching.

  • 14U and 16U (13 and older on 12/31/20)
    • Tryouts will be July 28th and 29th.
      • This will be communicated via email which tryout you will need to attend. Players will ONLY attend on the day that they are assigned.

Age Group eligible – Teams will be formed by the Board and Coaches following a combine practice held on specific date for each age groups. On their assigned try out night players need to check in at the sign-in table to have a random try out number assigned to them. Please have the players wear their WAC jerseys or if you are new to WAC, a number will be provided at check in that will be referenced by those evaluating them throughout tryouts. Dates are as follows:

      • 12U (11 to 12 on 12/31/20)
        • Tryouts will be August 11th and 12th.
        • This will be communicated via email which tryout you will need to attend. Players will ONLY attend on the day that they are assigned.
      • 10U (9 to 10 on 12/31/20)
        • Tryouts will be August 13th.
      • 8U does not tryout. Note: 8U team invites will be sent the same time as the first age group team roster selections are sent for 10U and 12U teams.

Combine Tryout Format

  • All players will participate in the practice format combine that starts promptly on their assigned date at the WAC Fields at 6:30pm until done at WAC fields practice.
  • Players will participate in typical practice drills that include throwing, hitting, running, fielding.
  • Pitchers and catchers will tryout from 6 to 6:30 pm on their assigned date at the WAC Fields pitching lanes. Please make sure they get there early to warm up and are ready to start promptly at 6:00.
  • Head coaches of the new forming teams will be present to observe but not running the practice. Parents may watch from the fences.

Team Formation

Teams (9 year olds and up) will be formed following tryouts. The number of teams in a division is dependent on the number of registered players. At the team formation meeting members will have “blind player cards” with the player info, such as: their new age group, past age group, level of play-A/B/C, bat and throw right or left, tryout scores, previous coach evaluation score, etc., but cards will not include player names.

  • All players will be ranked using player evaluation scores from previous season coach along with scores from the tryout.
  • All teams selected at each age division will be set to play at the highest appropriate level as determined by the board and with coach consultation.
  • Pitchers and catchers are considered first during the team formation process. Two pitchers and two catchers are assigned to the first team formed by the number they are ranked after tryouts.
  • Then the next four ranked players for that age division will be assigned. This will leave three slots that the assigned head coach will be allowed to pick from the available pool of players. Once the roster is set the coach is excused and the board goes on to form the next roster until all players are placed.
At the conclusion of the team formation emails will be sent to the first team of every age group including the coach names (but no other roster info) allowing families 24-hours to accept or decline. Any declined spots will automatically go to the next ranked player until the roster is complete. Prior to the next set of team invites going out the head coach will be notified if any of their roster was changed due to declines from team above and to select new picks from the available pool of players. The same process will be followed until rosters are completed.

Season and Fees

Team will play together Fall through the Spring session. Fall sessions could involve playing MIGS (double headers on weekends) for development teams and up to three tournaments for seasoned teams. The spring tournament session begins in April and can end as late as mid-July. Each team will play in several tournaments, with some of them potentially being out of town. Many tournaments start on Friday evening, continue on Saturday, and finals are usually on Sunday.

Teams will have a limited roster of 10-12 players. Since we are limiting our rosters, you need to make the commitment for your player to be at practices and tournaments. Practice schedules are set for the fall by Aug. 1 and typically include two outdoor sessions and one indoor session held as weather permits until the end of the fall league/tournament schedule. Twice weekly indoor practices begin in the first week of January 2020 for all teams and switch to two outdoor and one indoor rotation as weather permits typically in March through end of season.

Fees are used for Uniforms, Player/Coach/Team Insurance, Team Equipment, team practices at the WAC Indoor Hitting Facility and High School indoor Hitting Facility, WAC Field Rental & Maintenance, tournament fees (up to 11 for 10U and 12U; up to 5 for 8U).  50% of the remaining fee is due 9/1/20 with the remainder due 2/1/21.  These amounts can be paid to offset through various fundraising efforts available.


  • 8U Player Fees for 2020-2021 were – $605
  • 10U Player Fees for 2020-2021 were – $860  
  • 12U Player Fees for 2020-2021 were – $860  
  • WAC Elite Fees for 2020-2021 were $450 (tournament fees paid separate / collected on a per tournament basis). Includes hitting facility membership. Jerseys (new WAC Elite players only) are purchased separately.
  • Other expenses include the travel expenses if your team chooses to travel to a tournament out of the Des Moines area and individual memberships to the WAC Indoor Hitting Facility are optional.

Parent/Guardian Guidelines:

  • Playing on a WAC Tournament team is a commitment.  It can be a rewarding and challenging experience, as players are exposed to a more competitive level of play. There is NO GUARANTEED PLAYING TIME FOR ANY GIRLS ON THE TOURNAMENT TEAMS. All decisions in this regard will be at the sole discretion of the coach. We ask parents to be supportive of coaches’ decisions.
  • Please remember that you have a choice as to whether you will expose your child to this competitive level of play.  Not all children are ready for this level of commitment.
  • Making a WAC Tournament team one year has no bearing on future year selections. Children at these ages develop rapidly and at different stages.
  • Please explain these rules and guidelines to your child before you decide to have your child participate.
  • Each player’s family will be required to commit to at least 2 shifts at WAC Tournaments to be held in Waukee and other designated sites.  This year’s Warrior Classic spring tournament was April 30-May 1st.

The Warrior Athletic Club (WAC) Competitive Softball Association’s mission is to develop a championship girls softball program for the Waukee Community School District that encourages participation, excellence, sportsmanship, pride, and fun.  We will accomplish and sustain this through player, coach, and facility development as well as fundraising and marketing with the assistance and cooperation of the parents and community.