WAC Bullpen Program

Hey parents of pitchers or aspiring pitchers, do any of the scenarios below sound familiar?
– Your daughter wants to try pitching but you have no idea where to start.
– Your daughter has started pitching but you’re having trouble finding openings with local lesson providers.
– Online resources seem overwhelming, complicated and you just want help knowing what basic skills your player should focus on.
WAC wants to help, so if any of these are concerns of yours and you are interested in how we can help, email Josh at waukeesb@gmail.com!
This is only for WAC players and those that are developing, not developed pitchers.  This program is designed to get kids started before moving to the next steps of finding a pitching coach, etc.  The cost will be $15 for a 30 minute lesson, with a max of 2 kids per half hour.  These will be run these like a pitching lesson and teach the methods our daughters have learned from their pitching coaches.  We do ask that anyone participating bring a catcher or catch themselves so we can instruct.  Payments will go to WAC.  These lessons will only happen during the offseason…so the end of July through the start of August and then again in November through the offseason.  –Josh Nuss & Issac Norton